Friday, March 1, 2013

JCCS Academic Language Assessment Week 25 - Concealed Carry

Adults shouldn't be allowed to carry concealed weapons.  One reason is that people that are carrying handguns are very dangerous for people that dont think they have guns. According to, "Allowing untrained, or under-trained, persons to carry loaded hidden handguns in public puts people at risk of being killed or injured, intentionally and unintentionally." sourceThey might provoke people that have one hidden in their waist and then they might get shot. They should have to INDICATE somehow whether or not they have a concealed weapon. There is no reason or argument out there to JUSTIFY allowing people to carry guns. The government should ESTABLISH laws demanding all handguns to be banished. Overall, adults should not be allowed to carry concealed weapons.

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  1. Ah! The font and colors you used make it very difficult for me to read this! I agree that people who carry concealed handguns may be more likely to use their gun instead of oral communication if they are provoked.